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A new science fiction release has reached the virtual shelves of Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other popular book retailers. The attention grabbing novel is called, Xarrok: Birth of an Empire, written by Catrina Taylor. This creative woman has developed a universe clutched by strife, horror and war. From these warring worlds, Xarrok is born. This is a planet that stands for peace among the chaos.  Book one discusses the foundation this planet was built on, and the alliances made for a better life.

Catrina has brought to life this tale of struggle, romance and victory. In a multi-site interview, she has developed a scavenger hunt, awarding 3 free books to the top winners. The details, interview and sample follow.

Scavenger Hunt

Here’s how to play:

Read the questions and the samples, then go to The Writing Network .com and answer the 5 questions OR the 2 bonus questions accurately and win a free copy of Xarrok’s first novel, Birth of an Empire part 1.  Top 3 will win the copy.

At the end of the sample on each site will be a link to the next post and then to the home of the Scavenger Hunt.

How long did it take the book to be created?

Birth of an Empire is still in creation. Book one took life, in part, in January 2010. At the time I was working to give life to ReAwakening as well, and it held most of my focus until the middle of 2010. Suddenly the life that I needed for Birth of an Empire sprung forth like the raging rivers, and words poured onto the paper.  A year later book one was completed, and book two is currently half done.

What inspired the creation of this novel?

This may make you giggle a bit, but I am part of the Twitter Role Playing community. There are two characters that I enjoy a lot, Kala Cree and Yatrell Rae. They have a unique relationship that developed through some friction and her naivety. After some conversation with the person who plays Yatrell’s character, I translated the two into my universe, during the Great War period, and poof – We have Birth of an Empire. This is the origin of the main planet discussed in my universe.

This sample  is PG13

Not long after that conversation, Kala became a topic of discussion at her home. A young suitor came calling for her. They were of the same age and Kala did enjoy his company but he couldn’t afford to purchase her freedom. She accepted this as she was expected to, however she still felt a loss over it. As she was crying again one night, missing this young man’s company, she found she accidently projected her crying across light years again.

He moaned as the woman before him enveloped his phallus with her mouth. Watching her move along the full length, he smirked, “You’re enjoying that aren’t you?” The woman looked up at him, eyes dancing from his strong chin to his broad shoulders and chest. She said nothing, just continued to service him with enthusiasm. Then he heard the crying. He tried to focus on the pleasure he was receiving. Finally, as the woman drew him close to climax he felt his muscles tighten near release and he heard:

~Maybe I need to leave Xenonia. There are other planets I can serve on. The family has other homes off world I could serve in, be safe in.~

He blinked his eyes and looked at the woman with him. She became incredibly disappointed when he didn’t achieve the goal. He leaned over and kissed the woman deeply but projected back to Kala, ~You have some really bad timing, girl. Don’t leave your happy little planet, or your happy little life.~

~I am a slave. I am here until purchased or I find another family that will take me on, and address my family debt to the master and her husband. I can’t find someone.~

He pulled out of the kiss and his eyes took in the whole of this woman’s body with great desire. The woman looked at him, studying his reactions as she did. She realized he was distracted by something else. She put her cloths back on and left him, in his room, alone. He frowned when she left and laid back on the bed. ~Ya really interrupted something good this time, lady.~

Kala blushed as she started to realize what she had interrupted. Even her projection became a stammer from it, ~I … I … I’m sorry. I didn’t realize … I mean I …didn’t know.~

He chuckled realizing how little she would know. ~Yea yea, just don’t do it again. Too many of those will ruin my reputation with the fleet.~

She blushed deeper and looked out her window on Xenonia, as if somehow it kept her from realizing what she did, or further embarrassing herself across light years. Naturally it didn’t. Instead she started to stare at her hands and fidget.

He focused and connected his link with her and then commented, ~Nice stars. You should always sleep beneath them. Anything less would not be safe for you. You talk like your masters are nice people, so you should make every possible effort to stay there.~

~My family is nice. They have educated me, provided me a home, food and for my family. Well… they did until mom died, then …. I couldn’t ask for better masters.~

~Then why did you just say you wanted to leave?~ Yatrell could hear his roommates returning, so he got up and grabbed his clothing and dressed quickly before stretching out on the bed again.

~There is this man. He -~ She was cut off by laughter from Yatrell. Annoyed she projected along the link, ~Why do you find this funny!? Who do you think you are? Some kind of romantic hero? You can’t even let a woman finish what she was going to say and you find the idea entertaining. You know nothing about him.~

This protest only made him laugh more. ~Anything that starts with ‘there is this man’ always has a bad ending. Just drop it Kala. I have seen how little petty things like love actually matter in this universe. If he didn’t have it to purchase you, then he doesn’t have it to provide and tend to your needs. Just drop it.~ He paused only to let his roommates into the room. Both of his roommates looked at him, oddly as they entered but neither were bold enough to ask. ~Oh, and no, I’m by no means a romantic hero, just not weak minded enough to believe in that kind of thing either. And you’re no woman either. A girl, yes, a woman, no.~ He cut his link with her off after that comment, giving her no time to respond, or so he believed.

She focused past his initial cut off and pushed back into his mind, using great effort, ~How dare you speak of things you know nothing about!~ Infuriated, Kala stepped out of his mind and quickly fell asleep. It wasn’t until the next morning she realized that it was her efforts to reach him, without a mutual link that had drained her so entirely she required the sleep to recover. This was her first lesson in the give and take of her ability.


You can find the book through major retailers including the ones listed below.

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble


Learn more about the universe around Xarrok at (find the questions)

Your next stop for the scavenger hunt is right here:



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