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Lighter Post-Christmas Dishes


My absolute favourite after all that heavy Christmas food is the warm mussels salad. Cook a quantity of very small new potatoes, Anja potatoes, or Jerusalem artichokes in gently boiling water. In the meantime, wash and de-beard the mussels in cold water and keep only the firmly closed ones, discard the rest. Gently warm up a quantity of good quality olive oil mixed with finely pressed garlic, finely chopped spring onions and ground pepper to taste. Keep the mixture warm. In a separate saucepan, boil a small quantity of water, using a large salad dish as a lid. When the potatoes are cooked, take them out of water (keep the water), peel them and place them into the warm salad dish above the saucepan and cover with the lid that goes with the saucepan. Blanche some spinach or kale in the water where you cooked the potato for a couple of minutes, strain it out (but still keep the water) and add it to the cooked potatoes, and cover the dish well again. Finally, bring the water to the boil again and throw the mussels into it for a couple of minutes. Discard any that haven’t opened and add the rest into the salad dish. Mix them in with the rest of the content, and pour the oil mixture over them.

Serve immediately with wedges of lemon.


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Happy New Year!

May this be the best year ever for everyone.



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