On This Day – Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em

13 Oct

The House of Lancaster

1399 Henry IV (the first King of the House of Lancaster) was crowned king of England.

The Lady for All Seasons

1853 The birth of Lillie Langtry, actress and mistress of King Edward VII, also the Earl of Shrewsbury and Prince Louis of Battenberg.

The Time Centre

312SFEC LONDON-20070917.JPG

1884 Greenwich was chosen as the universal time meridian of longitude from which standard times throughout the world are calculated.

Merseyside Derby

1894 The first Merseyside ‘derby’ football match was played at Goodison Park between Liverpool and Everton, with Everton winning 3 – 0.

The Pickles Style

Wilfred Pickles

1904 The birth, in Halifax, of Wilfred Pickles OBE, actor and radio presenter. Pickles was a proud Yorkshireman and was the first newsreader to speak in a regional accent. His BBC Radio show ‘Have A Go’, ran from 1946 to 1967 and launched such catchphrases as ‘What’s on the table, Mabel?’ and ‘Are yer courting?’, all delivered in Pickles’s inimitable style.

On the Wireless

1924 Labour Party leader Ramsay MacDonald became the first Prime Minister to make an election broadcast on BBC radio.

Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em


1925 The birth of Margaret Thatcher British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990. Known as ‘The Iron Lady’ she was the longest serving Prime Minister for more than 150 years. She was born above her father’s grocer’s shop: No 1 North Parade, Grantham, LIncolnshire

The Future Queen

HRH Princess Elizabeth makes her first radio broadcast

1940 Princess Elizabeth, aged 14, (now Queen Elizabeth II), made her first radio broadcast to child evacuees.

The Spycatcher


1988 The British Government failed to stop publication of the controversial book Spycatcher, written by a former secret service agent.

We’re Not Amused

The Sun Newspaper

1988 The Queen sued The Sun newspaper after it printed a private photograph.

Answers On A Postcard

RBS - The Royal Bank of Scotland Here for you Logo

Here for me?

Or, is that the other way round?

2008 The government said that they would pump billions of pounds of taxpayers money into three UK banks in one of the UK’s biggest nationalisations. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Lloyds TSB and HBOS would have a total of £37bn injected into them. In return for the investment, the government would get a say in how the banks were run, including controls over the bonuses paid to management.

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