On This Day – The Hole in One and The Penalty Kick

14 Sep

Eleven Stolen Days

1752 The 3rd of September became the 14th as the Gregorian Calendar was introduced into Britain. Crowds of people rioted on the streets demanding, ‘Give us back our 11 days.’

Geography Game

1759 The earliest dated board game in England was sold on this day by its inventor John Jeffreys, from his house in Chapel Street, Westminster. The game was called ‘A Journey Through Europe’, or ‘The play of Geography’.

The Duke of Wellington, RIP

1852 The Duke of Wellington, victor at Waterloo, died aged 83.

Hole in One

1868 At the Open Championships at Prestwick, the legendary Scottish golfer Tom Morris scored the first recorded hole-in-one, on the 8th hole (166 yards).

Penalty Kick

Keller saves PK attempt by Henry.ogv

1891 The first penalty kick in an English League football game was taken by Heath of Wolverhampton Wanderers against Accrington.

Happy Birthday, Jack Hawkins

1910 The birth of the actor Jack Hawkins. He mostly appeared in character roles, often in epic films such as The Bridge on the River Kwai, Zulu, The Cruel Sea and Lawrence of Arabia. A 60 a day smoker, Hawkins began experiencing voice problems in the late 1950s. His entire larynx was removed and his performances were dubbed. Hawkins continued to smoke after losing his voice and died aged 62

Oil Refinery

aerial view of Fawley refinery

1951 Prime Minister Clement Attlee opened the largest oil refinery in Europe, at Fawley on Southampton Water.

The Day The Sun Came Out

Sydney Jacobson

1964 The British daily newspaper, the Daily Herald, ceased publication and was replaced by the Sun.

The Happy Couple

1974 Two giant pandas, Chia-Chia and Ching-Ching, arrived at London Zoo.

High Treason

1981 A teenage boy who fired blank shots at the Queen in June 1980, pleaded guilty to a charge under the 1848 Treason Act

Taxi to New Delhi

Taxis in London

1988 A London taxi reached New Delhi with the meter showing a fare of £13,200. It was part of a six-man expedition on the way to Sydney.

Blue Plaque for a Pop Star

Photo of plaque

1997 Pete Townshend unveiled an English Heritage Blue Plaque at 23, Brook Street, Mayfair, London to mark where Jimi Hendrix had lived in 1968-69. He was the first pop star to be commemorated with the plaque.



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