On This Day – Ours Not To Reason Why

09 Sep

RIP, William I

1087 William the Conqueror died in Maine (France) from injuries he sustained after a fall from his horse.

RIP, James IV

1513 The Scots were heavily defeated by the English at the Battle of Flodden Field and James IV was killed, along with all his nobles Floddeen Field. is close to the village of Branxton, Northumberland. The slain, including King James iV were taken to Branxton Parish Church. 

Nine Months Old Queen

1543 Mary Stuart, at just nine months old, was crowned ‘Queen of Scots’ in the Scottish town of Stirling.

Captain of the Bounty

1754 Birth date of William Bligh, British naval officer who was the victim of two mutinies, the most famous on the HMS Bounty which was taken over by Fletcher Christian.

Ours Not to Reason Why

Panorama dentro.JPG

1855 Crimean War: The Siege of Sevastopol (Sebastopol) came to an end when Russian forces abandon the city. Although defended heroically and at the cost of heavy Allied casualties, (almost 130,00 in total), the fall of Sevastopol led to the Russian defeat in the Crimean War.

The Riots of Notting Hill Gate


1958 There were race riots in London’s Notting Hill Gate, with television crews accused of encouraging the rioting by staging reconstructions in the streets.

Happy Birthday, Hugh Grant


1960 The birth of Hugh Grant, English actor and film producer who achieved international stardom after appearing in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Young and Quick

Jim Clark.jpg

1963 Scotsman Jim Clark became the youngest person to win the world motor racing championships, driving Colin Chapman’s Lotus. He was aged 27 and 188 days. The youngest winner to date is Sebastian Vettel (in 2010), aged 23 years and 133 days.

Hanging Up His Boots

Lester Piggott by Nicola Jennings

1985 Champion jockey Lester Piggott announced his retirement, having won more than 5,000 races around the world. In 1987 he was jailed following an investigation over tax evasion, but resumed his career following his release and rode his last winner in October 1994.

Spare the Rod

1996 The European Court of Human Rights agreed to hear a case in which a 12-year old boy was challenging British laws allowing parents to use corporal punishment on their children.

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