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On This Day – The House of Windsor and a Bosom Friend

West of Perth

1306 The Earl of Pembroke’s army defeated Robert the Bruce’s Scottish army at the Battle of Methven, west of Perth.

Happy Birthday, James I

1566 King James VI of Scotland and I of England was born.

Seats for Sale

John Christian Curwen

1809 Curwen’s Act was passed in Britain, to prevent the sale of parliamentary seats, thus decreasing the number of seats which the British government could manipulate for its regular supporters.

The Bobbies and the Peelers

1829 Robert Peel’s Act was passed, to establish a new police force in London and its suburbs. They were known as Peelers and then Bobbies, derived from his surname and Christian name respectively.

An Unhappy Birthday

Douglas Haig.jpg

1861 Douglas Haig, British field-marshal was born. Haig became known as ‘Butcher of the Somme’, after he unnecessarily sent thousands of British troops to their deaths. After the war, he devoted himself to the care of ex-Servicemen.

The House of Windsor

The House of Windsor

1917 The British royal family renounced the German names and titles of Saxe-Coburg, (responding to anti-German sentiment) and became Windsor.

Bosom Friend

1925 The birth of Charlie Drake, slapstick English comedian. His catchphrase ‘Hello, my darlings’ came about because his short (5′ 1″)stature placed his eyes directly level with a lady’s bosom!

Independence Day

1961 Kuwait declared its independence from the United Kingdom after which the state’s oil industry saw unprecedented economic growth. In 1990, Kuwait was invaded and annexed by neighbouring Iraq.

Lord Lucan

1975 An inquest jury decided that the missing Lord Lucan murdered the 29-year-old nanny of his three young children.

Ian Botham


1978 Cricketing star Ian Botham became the first man in the history of the game to score a century and take eight wickets in one innings of a Test match.

Beef to the Slaughter

1996 Britain offered to slaughter up to 67,000 more cattle in an effort to end the ban on British beef.

Happy Wedding Anniversary

1999 The wedding of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex ( the fourth, and youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh) and Sophie Rhys-Jones. The wedding took place at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.


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