On This Day – Secrets, Lies and the Blair Legacy

08 Jun

The Vikings are A-Coming 


793 Vikings raided the abbey at Lindisfarne in Northumbria. The event is commonly accepted as the beginning of the Scandinavian invasion of England.

Anyone Remembers Him?

1042 Harthacnut, King of England and Denmark, died. He was succeeded in England by his adopted heir, Edward the Confessor, and in Denmark by Magnus, King of Norway.

A Spot of Beheading

1405 Richard le Scrope (Archbishop of York) and Thomas Mowbray (Earl of Norfolk) were executed in York on Henry IV’s orders, accused of treason.

A Matter of Succession

Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth Tudor - The Tudors Wiki

1536 The English Parliament met and settled the succession on the future children of Henry VIII by Jane Seymour. The Princesses Mary and Elizabeth were declared illegitimate.

Happy Birthday, Mr Dampier

1652 Birth of William Dampier, English explorer who turned to piracy. His exploits netted him £200,000 worth of treasure in only two voyages.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Smeaton

1724 The birth of John Smeaton, considered the founder of English civil engineering. He built the Eddystone lighthouse, at the same time developing cement that could be used underwater.

Happy Birthday, Mr Stevenson

1772 Robert Stevenson, Scottish engineer, was born. He built Bell Rock lighthouse, the first in Scotland.

Missing in Action

1924 The last sighting of English climbers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine; 800 feet from the summit of Mount Everest during the third attempt to become the first men to conquer the world’s highest mountain. Their fate was unknown for 75 years, until Mallory’s body was discovered in 1999 by an expedition that had set out to search for the climbers’ remains. Whether or not Mallory and Irvine reached the summit before they died remains a subject of speculation and continuing research.

To Pimp or Not To Pimp

Dr Stephen Ward

1963 Dr. Stephen Ward, a London osteopath and friend of ‘call girl’ Christine Keeler, was arrested and charged with living on immoral earnings.


1982 Up to fifty British servicemen were killed in an Argentine air attack on two supply ships in the Falklands. Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram were anchored at Bluff Cove when they were hit by missiles in a surprise raid by five Argentine Skyhawks

Not  a Featherweight

1985 All Ireland united behind Barry McGuigan as he won the world featherweight title at Loftus Road, London.

Secrets and Lies

1999 Ex-cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken was jailed for 18 months after admitting he lied during a libel action.

The Blair Legacy

Gordon Brown

2009 Labour suffered its worst post-war election result after it was beaten into third place by UKIP and saw the BNP gain its first seats in the European elections.


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