On This Day – The Blitzkrieg, the Peacemaker and a Gallery

10 May


Below a piece of text is seen a king on a throne on a podium. On either side is seen a king and a bishop in front of the podium and clerks behind it. In front of this sit a number of lay and ecclesiastical lords, and more clerks, in a square on a chequered floor.

1291 Scottish nobles recognized the authority of Edward I of England.

A Victory

1307 Scottish King Robert the Bruce defeated an English cavalry army at the Battle of Loudon Hill in Ayrshire.

The Power of the Press

1768 John Wilkes (English radical, journalist, and politician) was imprisoned for writing an article for the North Briton newspaper severely criticizing King George III. This action provoked rioting in London.

Tea Chronicles

1773 The British Parliament passed the Tea Act, designed to save the British East India Company by granting it a monopoly on the North American tea trade.

The National Gallery

1824 The National Gallery in London opened to the public.

Rags to Riches

1850 Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton, founder of Lipton’s grocery chain, was born in Glasgow. He went from errand boy to millionaire by the age of 30.

Life Expectancy of a Parliament

1910 The British House of Commons resolved that the maximum lifetime of Parliament be reduced from seven to five years.

Tales of Antarctica 

1916 Explorer Ernest Shackleton and companions reached the Falkland island of South Georgia after sailing 800 miles in 16 days in an open boat. They were looking for help for the remaining members of their party marooned on Elephant island, Antarctica.

Anyone for Southport?

1919 The first scheduled commercial air service in Britain began. The flight from Manchester to Southport cost 4 guineas one way and was run by A.V.Roe.

 Blood, Toil, Tears & Sweat

1940 German forces invaded Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg by air and land. The invasion began at dawn with large numbers of aeroplanes attacking the main aerodromes and landing troops. Winston Churchill formed a coalition wartime Government. When he first met his cabinet on 13th May he told them – “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears & sweat”.

The Peacemaker

1941 Rudolf Hess, deputy leader of Nazi Germany, flew a small plane to Scotland and parachuted to the ground in a bizarre attempt to negotiate a peace settlement with Britain. After interrogation he was jailed for life.


1941 World War II – The worst night of the Blitz in Britain. 550 German bombers dropped 100,000 bombs on London. More than 1500 people were killed and many thousands more were injured.

Turn of the Tide

large image of front cover

1998 The political wing of the republican IRA backed the Good Friday peace agreement heralding a major shift in modern republicanism


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