On This Day – SAS and the Duck’s Nest

05 May

Rebellion of the Barons 

A drawing of King John wearing a crown and a red robe. The king is sat down and stroking two hunting dogs.

1215 Rebel barons renounced their allegiance to King John; part of a chain of events that led to the signing of the Magna Carta.

A Better Kind of Hanging

1760 The first public hanging took place at Tyburn in London. Earl Ferrers was executed after being convicted of murdering his valet. He was the first to be hanged by the new ‘drop’ which had just been introduced in the place of the barbarous cart, ladder and medieval three-cornered gibbet.

Gipsy Moth

1930 British aviator Amy Johnson took off from Croydon Airport in her Gypsy Moth plane ‘Jason’. She became the first woman to fly solo to Australia, arriving on 24th May.

Dutch V-Day

1945 World War II: Canadian and UK troops liberated the Netherlands and Denmark from Nazi occupation.

Polio Vaccine

Dr Salk (far left) watches as Margaret Jenkins is vaccinated

1955 World famous American virologist Dr Jonas Salk witnessed a ceremonial polio vaccination in London when Margaret Jenkins from Kent became the 500,000th person in London to receive the vaccine to prevent the crippling disease poliomyelitis.

Norah’s and Mary’s War

1964 The first meeting of a ‘Clean Up TV’ campaign led by Norah Buckland and her friend Mary Whitehouse. The organization was later given the name of The National Viewers’ and Listeners’ Association.

The Europe Day

Europe Day

1964 The Council of Europe declared 5th May as Europe Day, an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe.

Ariel 3

Ariel 3 in orbit

1967 The first ever all-British satellite, Ariel 3, was successfully launched into orbit from the United States.

No, Actually

1980 The SAS stormed the terrorist-occupied Iranian Embassy at Knightsbridge in London. Four gunmen were killed in the attack and all 19 hostages were rescued.

Refer to caption

Only, all that happened on Sunday, 04. 05. 1980. No idea why it’s been moved to today. On that same day

President Tito of Yugoslavia died

– SAS saved a duck’s nest from the balcony of the Iranian Embassy

– Kate Adie sprung to fame

My daughter was christened










Irish Riots

Belfast sectarian riots: Belfast sectarian riots

1981 Riots in Northern Ireland followed the death of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands in the Maze prison.

The Last of Many

CPO Claude Choules in uniform (1936)

2011 The death (in Perth, Western Australia) of Claude Stanley Choules, the last World War I combat veteran and the last military witness to the scuttling of the German fleet in Scapa Flow. He was born in Pershore, Worcestershire and was the last veteran to have served in both world wars, and also the last seaman from the First World War.

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