On This Day – Clairvoyant Mr. Wells and the Crab and Winkle Line

03 May

Cornish Uprising

Cornish rebels Crossing the Tamar river border Polsun June 1497

1497 A rising broke out in Cornwall, provoked by taxation. James Tutchet led an army of 15,000 from Taunton through the southern counties to attack London.

Evening Paper

1788 The first daily evening newspaper, the Star and Evening Advertiser, was published in London.

Crab and Winkle Line

Invicta, Canterbury, 1970s flip.jpg

1830 The Canterbury and Whitstable Railway (Kent) was opened. Sometimes referred to colloquially as the Crab and Winkle Line, it was the first steam hauled passenger railway to issue season tickets. It used cable haulage by stationary steam engines over much of its length, with steam locomotives restricted to the level stretch.

New Zealand

1841 New Zealand was declared a British colony.

General Strike

1926 Britain’s first General Strike, in support of the miners started. It ended on 12th May.

Clairvoyant Mr. Wells

1934 Science fiction writer H.G.Wells predicted there would be a world war before 1940.

A Knight of the Ring

Sir Henry Cooper (pic: John Ferguson)

1934 The birth of boxer Henry Cooper, boxer. He was known for the effectiveness of his left hook, “Enry’s ‘Ammer”, and his knockdown of the young Muhammad Ali. Cooper, who died on 1st May 2011, held the British, Commonwealth and European heavyweight titles several times throughout his career and is the only boxer to have been awarded a knighthood.

Newcastle United

Papiss Cisse

1952 Newcastle United became the first team since 1891 to win two FA Cups in succession by beating Arsenal 1-0.

Granada TV

1956 Granada TV broadcast for the first time at 7.30 p.m. With the ending of the BBC’s monopoly on broadcasting, viewers saw their first television advertising and four days later Granada did the first sports outside broadcast.

Heart Transplant

Heart transplant team appear onthe  steps of the National Heart Hospital in Marylebone, London

1968 The first heart transplant in Britain was carried out at the National Heart Hospital in Marylebone, London. It was undertaken on an unnamed 45-year-old man.

The Merger

London Stock Exchange 1520 Copyright Kaihsu Tai.jpg

2000 The London Stock Exchange and Germany’s Deutsche Boerse merged, creating the world’s second largest stock market.

Missing Maddie

2007 Three year old Madeleine McCann went missing from her family’s holiday apartment at the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz.. To date, she has not been found.

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