On This Day – One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing

18 Apr

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

1740 The birth of Sir Francis Baring, English merchant banker. Barings was the oldest merchant bank in London until it collapsed in 1995 after one of the bank’s employees, Nick Leeson, lost £827 million on speculative investing.

One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing

The skull of Albertosaurus on display at the Museum

1881 The Natural History Museum in London was opened.

The Carpathia

1912 The Cunard liner RMS Carpathia brought 705 survivors to New York from the RMS Titanic that had sunk on on 15th April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton.

Pretty Polly

[.jpg image]

1946 The birth of Hayley Mills, English actress, daughter of actor John Mills and sister of actress Juliet Mills.

It’s a Long Way to Tiperrary 

1949 The Republic of Ireland Act came into force as Eire (Southern Ireland) became a Republic and left the British Commonwealth.


A family camping (Getty)

1949 The first ‘Bob-a-Job week’ began when 440,000 British Scouts started a nationwide campaign to raise the £22,000 needed to cover the deficits of the Scout movement. In the first year £60,000 was raised. The variety of jobs undertaken included a 13 year old who spent four hours cleaning the silver at 10 Downing Street.

Ban the Bomb

1960 At least 60,000 demonstrators gathered in Trafalgar Square to mark the end of the Aldermaston to London ‘ban the bomb’ march.

London Bridge is Falling Down

1968 London Bridge was sold for £1m to American oil tycoon Robert McCullough. He decided to knock it down, brick by brick, and have it re-built at Lake Havasu in the United States.

Zimbabwe at Midnight

Canaan Banana and Mrs Banana in 1998

1980 Rhodesia became Zimbabwe at midnight and independent from Britain. Canaan Banana was the President and Robert Mugabe the Prime Minister.

A Childish Stunt

Ron Brown

1988 In the House of Commons, the 16th-century symbol of the Speaker’s authority, the Mace, was damaged by Ron Brown, Labour MP for Leith, when he flung it to the floor during a debate. It was described by his own supporters as ‘a childish stunt’ and led to his 20 day suspension.

Sticky Wicket

1994 West Indian batsman Brian Lara broke the record for the highest individual score in Test Cricket when he scored 375 against England in Antigua.

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