On This Day – Operation Babylift, Waterloo and Declaration of Arbroath

06 Apr

The Surgery That Went Wrong

1199 King Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) died from an infection following the removal of an arrow from his shoulder, after being wounded by a crossbow bolt during a siege in France.

Declaration of Arbroath

1320 The Scots reaffirmed their independence by signing the Declaration of Arbroath. The Declaration was in the form of a letter submitted to Pope John XXII. It confirmed Scotland’s status as a sovereign state and defended Scotland’s right to use military action when unjustly attacked.

The Earth Moved

1580 An earth tremor damaged several London churches, including the old St. Paul’s Cathedral. Above is a digital presentation of what the old St. Paul’s Cathedral looked like.

Poet Laureate 

1843 English poet William Wordsworth was appointed Poet Laureate, a day before his 73rd birthday.

What Cornelius Gregg Did For Us

1944 Pay As You Earn (PAYE) income tax was introduced into Britain. It was devised by Cornelius Gregg.


1974 Swedish pop group ABBA won the 19th annual Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, Sussex, with Waterloo. The Swedish version single was coupled with ‘Honey, Honey’, while the English version featured ‘Watch Out’ as the B-side.

Operation Babylift

1975 During ‘Operation Babylift’ a plane carrying 99 Vietnamese orphans, victims of the war in Vietnam, landed at Heathrow airport.

The Business of Zola Budd

After the Fall

1984 The 17-year-old South African barefooted, long and middle distance runner, Zola Budd, was granted British citizenship by Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, after only a matter of weeks, enabling her to compete as a British citizen in the Olympic games. The decision provoked considerable controversy.

Dockers’ Law

1989 The government announced it was to abolish legislation which guaranteed ‘jobs for life’ for more than 9,000 dockers.

Separate Accounts

Margaret Watts

1990 Married women in Britain became independent entities for income tax purposes for the first time, making them responsible for their own tax declarations. Their income was no longer assessed with that of their husbands.

Royal Taxation

Elizabeth II

1993 Following public disquiet, Queen Elizabeth II began paying income tax.

Clear as a Bell

Picture of Martin Bell

1997 BBC news reporter Martin Bell announced that he would be standing as an independent ‘anti-sleaze’ candidate against Tory MP Neil Hamilton at the forthcoming General Election.

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