On This Day – Death 58 and an Old Age Pensioner

05 Apr



1827 Joseph Lister, the English physician who introduced the idea of using antiseptics during surgery, was born.

A Jewel in the Crown


1843 Queen Victoria proclaimed Hong Kong a British crown colony.

Public Park

1847 Birkenhead Park, on the Wirral Peninsula, opened On This Day. Designed by Joseph Paxton it is generally acknowledged as the first publicly funded civic park in Britain.

The Tragedy of Ibrox Park

1902 25 football fans were killed at Ibrox Park, Glasgow, when a stand collapsed during a Scotland / England international match. At least another 200 were injured.

Old Age Pensioner

1955 Sir Winston Churchill, the British leader who guided Great Britain through the crisis of World War II, retired as Prime Minister, aged 81, handing over to Anthony Eden.

Sounds Dangerous to Me

1964 Automatic, driverless trains began operating on the London Underground.

We Are Sailing

1982 A British Task Force set sail from Southampton to recapture the Falkland Islands after the invasion by Argentina.

The Winning Streak

1999 Richard Dunwoody became the most successful jump jockey of all time, when he clocked up his 1,679th win at Wincanton. (The record is now held by Tony McCoy with over 2,000 winners.)

Death 58

Perry Wacker

2001 Perry Wacker, a Dutch lorry driver was sentenced to 14 years in prison for his part in the deaths of 58 Chinese illegal immigrants. They were found suffocated in the back of his lorry when it was searched at Dover in June 2000.

Good Bye, Ma’am

The young Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

2002 People queued for miles beside the Thames to pay their last respects to the Queen Mother, whose body was lying in state in Westminster Hall, London.

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