On this Day – A Slow News Day

23 Mar

Pirate of the Caribbean

1645 The birth of William Kidd (later known as Captain Kidd). He was tried and executed for piracy in 1701 after returning from a voyage to the Indian Ocean. Despite the legends and fiction surrounding Captain Kidd, his actual career was punctuated by only a handful of skirmishes followed by a desperate quest to clear his name.

Mr. Train’s Train

1831 London’s first tramcars began operating. They had been designed by a Mr. Train from New York!

Mr. Bottomley’s Bottom

1860 The birth of Horatio William Bottomley, English journalist and financier who wanted a life of luxury but whose grandiose business schemes kept leading to bankruptcy. When found guilty of fraud for a third time, he was sentenced to seven years in jail. He founded the patriotic journal John Bull, had been a Member of Parliament, and had gone through millions of pounds when he died in poverty in 1933.

Coventry Cathedral

1956 Queen Elizabeth II laid the foundation stone of the new Coventry cathedral. The new building was built next to the remains of the 14th-century cathedral that had been destroyed in the 2nd World War.

When in Rome

1966 The first official meeting between the Catholic and Anglican churches for 400 years took place when Pope Paul VI and Dr. Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury met in Rome.

Major’s Charter

1991 Prime Minister John Major issued his Citizens’ Charter. Failing public service providers would be forced to offer customers cash refunds or face government budget cuts.

Good Bye, Liz

2011 Dame Elizabeth Taylor, one of the 20th century’s biggest film stars, died in Los Angeles at the age of 79.

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