On This Day – NHS, the Poll Tax and Ernie Wise

21 Mar

Henry V of England

1413 Henry V became King of England. He died, aged 35, at the Château de Vincennes near Paris, apparently from dysentery.

Burnt at Stake

1556 England’s first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer was burnt at the stake as a heretic, under the Catholic Queen Mary I, also know as “Bloody Mary”. Imprisoned for over two years and under pressure from Church authorities, he apparently reconciled himself with the Roman Catholic Church. However, on the day of his execution, he dramatically recanted these beliefs , to die a heretic to Roman Catholics and a martyr to others. His legacy lives on within the Church of England through the Book of Common Prayer and the Thirty-Nine Articles, an Anglican statement of faith derived from his work.

ll About Cricket

1835 The birth of Thomas Hayward, Cambridgeshire and All-England Eleven cricketer who was generally reckoned to be one of the outstanding batsmen of the 1850s and 1860s. In 1859 he took part in the first ever overseas cricket tour when he was a member of the England team visiting North America.

Battle of the Somme

Cheshire Regiment sentry, Somme, 1916

1918 Germany’s last major offensive of World War One began on The Somme.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Clough


1935 The birth of Brian Clough, English footballer and manger of Nottingham Forest from 1975–1993. Clough was widely considered to be one of the greatest managers of the game and the greatest English manager never to have managed the England team.

Happy Birthday, NHS

1946 Labour politician Aneurin Bevan announced the Government’s proposals for a free National Health Service, paid for by the taxpayer. The doctors immediately announced the setting-up of a fighting fund to oppose legislation, fearing a loss of earnings.

The Poll Tax Riots

Poll tax protests

1990 A demonstration in London against the poll tax became a riot. More than 400 people were arrested.

Good Bye, Mr. Wise

Ernie (l) with his comedy partner Eric Morecombe

1999 Ernie Wise, comedian, died aged 73. ‘Morecambe and Wise’ were a comedy legend for generations of people in Britain. They were honoured with posthumous fellowships at the British Academy Television Awards.

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