On This Day – Indulgences and Summer Wine

15 Mar

Declaration of Indulgence

1672 King Charles II enacted the ‘Declaration of Indulgence’, a first step at establishing freedom of religion in England to Protestant nonconformists and Roman Catholics. It suspended the laws that punished those who did not attend the services of the Church of England. The following year the Cavalier Parliament compelled him to withdraw this Declaration. When Charles II’s Catholic successor (James II) attempted to issue a similar Declaration it led to the Glorious Revolution that ousted him from the throne.

London Bridge is Falling Down

1824 Building work started on the London Bridge designed by John Rennie.

Ashes to Ashes

1877 The first cricket test between Australia and England was played in Melbourne. Australia won by 45 runs.

Royce Rolls

Rolls Royce logo.jpg

1906 Rolls-Royce Limited, the British car and aero-engine manufacturing company was founded by Henry Royce and C.S. Rolls.

The One and Only

Selfridges Opening 1909 poster

1909 Selfridges store (named after its owner Gordon Selfridge) was opened in London’s Oxford Street. In September 1997 they opened their first store outside London when the Trafford Centre (Manchester) opened.

Anthony and Cleopatra

Photo: Liaison / Stringer / Getty Images

1964 Film stars Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor married in Montreal. They later divorced then remarried.

Just Like That

1984 Tommy Cooper, English comedian, collapsed and died from a heart attack in front of millions of television viewers, midway through his act on the London Weekend Television variety show Live From Her Majesty’s.

Our Kind of Spy

Farzad Bazoft

1990 Iraq hanged British journalist Farzad Bazoft, a freelance reporter for The Observer, for alleged spying for Israel while working in Iraq. Immediately after the execution, Britain recalled her ambassador to Iraq and all ministerial visits were cancelled. Bazoft’s story contributed to international isolation of Saddam’s Hussein’s regime and just months after the incident, on 2 August 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait, sparking the first Gulf War.

No More Summer Wine

2003 The death of Dame Thora Hird, British actress. She is best remembered for her role of almost two decades in Last of the Summer Wine but played many other roles in her long career. She won a BAFTA Best Actress award for her roles in two of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads monologues and a BAFTA for Best Actress in Lost for Words.

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