On This Day – From Royal Disapproval to the Disappearing Pound

11 Mar

The Chelsea Pensioners

1682 The Chelsea Hospital, a retirement home and nursing home for British soldiers, unfit for further duty due to injury or old age, was founded by Charles II.

Small but Mighty

The Daily Courant.png

1702 The Daily Courant, the first successful English newspaper, was first published. It consisted of only 1 sheet but lasted until 1735 when it was merged with the Daily Gazetteer.

The Last Disapproval

1708 Queen Anne withheld Royal Assent from the Scottish Militia Bill, the last time a British monarch has vetoed legislation. The Bill’s long title was ‘An Act for settling the Militia of that Part of Great Britain called Scotland.’

The Great Sheffield Flood

The Bursting of the Dale Dyke Dam (March 11th 1864)

1864 The Great Sheffield Flood: The largest man-made disaster ever to befall England destroyed 800 houses and killed 270 people in Sheffield when the Low Bradfield Reservoir bursts its banks while it was being filled for the first time. The claims for damages formed one of the largest insurance claims of the Victorian period.

The Father of Penicillin

1955 Sir Alexander Fleming, the British Nobel Prize winning bacteriologist who discovered penicillin, died, aged 73.

Whatever’s Happened to the Pound?

image of 1 pound note

1988 The Bank of England pound note, first introduced on 12th March 1797, ceased to be legal tender in Britain at midnight. When the deadline for returning old notes was reached, it was estimated that some 70 million were still outstanding.

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