On This Day – Sir Stanley Matthews and the Longshanks Law

03 Mar

The Longshanks Law

A man in half figure with short, curly hair and a hint of beard is facing left. He wears a coronet and holds a sceptre in his right hand. He has a blue robe over a red tunic, and his hands are covered by white, embroidered gloves. His left hand seems to be pointing left, to something outside the picture.

1284 The Statute of Rhuddlan (also known as the Statutes of Wales ). It introduced the English common law system to Wales, allowing the King to appoint royal officials such as sheriffs, coroners, and baliffs to collect taxes and administer justice.

Saved by the Bell

1847 The birth, in Edinburgh, of Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell. He was an eminent scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who is credited with inventing the first practical telephone.

Opium War – the Sequel

La bataille de Palikiao.jpg

1857 The Second Opium War: Britain and France declared war on China, using the killing of a missionary as the pretext.

The Big Smoke

1955 A statement was made that London would become a smokeless zone at the beginning of October.

Colour TV

Children watching black and white TV

1966 The BBC announced that it would begin broadcasting television programmes in colour in 1967.

Stanley Matthews, RIP

Stanley Matthews.jpg

2000 Tens of thousands of football fans paid their last respects to Sir Stanley Matthews, regarded as one of the greatest players of the English game, who died on 23rd February.

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