On This Day – The Lottery Winner, the Forger, and a Mushroom for Australia

26 Feb

Dr. Faustus

1564 The birth of Christopher Marlowe, English dramatist and poet of the Elizabethan era. He was the foremost Elizabethan writer next to William Shakespeare.

The Very First £1 Note

image of a 1 pound note

1797 The Bank of England issued the first ever one pound note. Printed on watermark paper with a vignette of Britannia on the top left hand corner, the hand-signed white £1 notes were withdrawn in the 1820s

The Lucky Number.


1839 The first Grand National Steeplechase was run at Aintree near Liverpool. The winner was ‘Lottery’ ridden by Jem Mason.

Under the Radar

1935 Robert Watson-Watt first demonstrated RADAR (radio detection and ranging) at Daventry, Northamptonshire.

Magic Mushroom for Australia

1952 Churchill told the House of Commons that Britain now had an atomic bomb which it intended to test in Australia.

James Bond Said No

In the foreground, a green-tinted man in a suit holding a gun, a yellow-tinted woman in a bikini, a blue-tinted woman wrapped in a towel, an orange-tinted woman in a man's shirt, and a red-tinted woman in a dress. Below them are drawn figures of scenes of the movie. Above them, the slogan "NOW meet the most extraordinary gentleman spy in all fiction!...JAMES BOND, Agent 007!" and the 007 logo, where the 7 has a trigger and gun barrel. In the bottom of the poster, the title "Ian Fleming's Dr. No", film credits and other slogans.

1962 The start of filming of Dr. No, the first film involving English agent 007 – James Bond.

Celebrity Street

Tom Keating

1979 Accused of forging old masters, painter Tom Keating’s trial at the Old Bailey was halted due to Keating’s ill health. Keating, a brilliant technician, went on to present a television series on painters and became a celebrity in his remaining years.

Women Priests

Synod chamber

1987 The Church of England’s General Synod voted by a huge majority in favour of the ordination of women priests.

Who’s the Clever Boy, Then?

Nick being Interviewed in Prison

1995 Barings, the country’s oldest merchant bank, declared bankruptcy after discovering that Nicholas Leeson, the firm’s chief trader in Singapore, had lost approximately £625 million of the bank’s assets on unauthorized futures and options transactions.

Our’s Not to Wonder Why

1997 Armed Forces Minister, Nicholas Soames, fought off Labour demands for his resignation over the Ministry of Defence’s suppression of information about the still unexplained ‘Gulf War syndrome’.

Streets Paved With Gold

2002 London Mayor Ken Livingstone confirmed that motorists would be charged £5 per day to drive into London on weekdays.


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