On This Day – Hell Hath No Fury

17 Feb

Terms of Engagement

Engraved Slider Signs - Vacant/Engaged

1883 Mr. A. Ashwell of Herne Hill, south London, patented Vacant – Engaged signs for toilet doors.

Hell Hath No Fury

1914 Women suffragettes in Britain turned violent. They set fire to the Lawn Tennis Club and broke windows at the residence of the Home Secretary.

Colour TV

The Receiver [19K]

1938 A surprise item at the Dominion Theatre, London: the first public experimental demonstration of Baird colour television on a big 12 ft x 9 ft screen. Transmitted from Crystal Palace, the short programme consisted of fashion plates and a cartoon.

Kitchen Magic

1955 Fanny Cradock’s first cookery programme Kitchen Magic, was broadcast on television. She mostly worked with her then common-law husband Johnnie Cradock, adopting his surname long before they married. The infamous ‘doughnut line’ is often attributed to Johhny Cradock – Quote: ‘You too can have doughnuts like Fanny’s’, but it was almost certainly said by a Scottish continuity announcer.

No Nukes Please, We’re British


1958 The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) was formed in Britain.

Vive la Difference

Treaty of Paris, from left to right: Paul van Zeelande, Joseph Bech, Joseph Meurice, Carlo Sforza, Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer, Dirk Stikker, and Johannes van den Brink

1972 The British parliament voted to join the European Common Market.

Member States Member States: Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

New Member States New Member States: Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Congestion Charges

2003 The London Congestion Charge scheme began, with a fee charged for some categories of motor vehicle to travel at certain times within Charge Zone. The charge aimed to reduce congestion, and raise investment funds for London’s transport system. Although not the first scheme of its kind in the Britain, it was the largest when introduced, and it remains one of the largest in the world. Several cities around the world have referenced London’s congestion charge when considering their own schemes.

Dogs Not Allowed

2005 Hunting with dogs became illegal in Britain at midnight.

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