Daily Quotes 41

13 Jan












Emma waits for a few minutes and then, as noiselessly as she is able, she presses the door handle. There’s no light on the landing, only the moonlight pouring in from the window above the stairwell. The men are gone. She tiptoes to the stairs thanking providence for the softness of her trainers and the solid floor under her feet. All she can see down below is a bright lit patch of the terra-cotta tiled hall floor and the legs of an overturned chair. She bends over, listening. There’s nothing other than  thumping of her blood in her ears. If she crept down just a few steps, just to the first bend…

A hand clamps her jaw firmly upwards and an arm lifts her off the floor. Her feet are dangling, unable to kick, until she’s dropped back onto the bedroom floor and steadied into position.

‘Don’t you ever dare do this again or else we’ll remove you immediately. Do you understand?’

Emma nods.

‘There will be a lot of people climbing in through this window soon. The cherry-picker has been removed and they’ll be using just the ropes. It’ll be very quick. Keep out of the way. And make sure if you patient wakes up that he doesn’t start screaming. Do you understand?’ The zip that he opened earlier to take out the pink beaker is still undone down to the middle of his chest.

‘Yes. I understand.’

The door is closing behind the soft dark overall again.

‘Sorry,’ she says but he’s gone.



‘I’ve been through it over and over again,’ said Singh with a sigh. ‘There’s nothing here that should cause so much grief.’

‘Debbie was meeting Tibb at the building site last night. What has he got to say for himself?’

‘I know,’ Singh nodded. ‘Jones was discovered by a courting couple after midnight last night. Cunningham and I went out when the call came. There were quite a few of us there, as you can imagine. Even PCI Procter turned up but by that time Debbie had already been taken away in the ambulance. The commotion woke up the Tibbs and they came out in their sleepwear. Barbara tells me that Tibb asked her on the quiet to interview them separately so Karen wouldn’t suspect that he’d had anything to do with it…’

‘If Tibb had something to do with it Karen will be the least of his problems,’ Grant exploded.

‘According to Barbara, Karen’s never the least of anyone’s problems,’ Singh smiled. ‘Anyhow, she ended up interviewing the wife and I was left with Tibb. He says, and his wife’s statement corroborates his, he says that his only offence is that he’d stood Debbie up. He’d assumed Karen was going to go to her choir practice and he was going to meet Debbie as agreed. And she did, Karen went to the choir practice but she needed help with boxes of sheet music and someone’s cello and something else. It’s all in Barbara’s notes, how all those items got to be in Karen Tibb’s custody. Tibb didn’t have a good excuse not to, so he gave his wife a lift, still hoping to be back in time for his assignation. Only, those things never run smoothly so he got roped into helping out some more at the Baptist Church Hall. All in all, he was over an hour late. He said he’d looked for Debbie, hoped that she waited, but she wasn’t there.’ Singh hesitated a little. ‘It’s understandable that he wasn’t exactly searching the site, isn’t it? I mean … well … who would have thought that she’d be lying unconscious at the bottom of the drain trench by the foundation wall…’

‘Certainly not Tibb,’ Grant retorted sharply. And unfairly.


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