On This Day – Fictional Characters

21 Dec

Sarah Barnard











Kate Morgan: December 21st, also called Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year. On that day I became a mother for the first time. The first contractions woke me as the sun rose, and Cameron was born as the sun set at the end of that short day. The hospital was hot but snow lay thick on the ground outside.

He had a full head of dark, curly hair, just like his dad, and he screamed like a banshee, hating being outside my body until I held him close and he heard my voice. It was the final part of a blissful family dream, or so I thought. He was perfect, even if he didn’t sleep much for the first few weeks. Christmas was interesting that year. Three years later his sister was born and she was just as special.
Six years later, on his birthday, he managed to summon something from another world into his bedroom and I finally believed that there was magic in the world, in my home.
December 21st has changed my life in so many ways. This day has brought adventure, pain and grief, but I wouldn’t change a thing.
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