Daily Quotes 11

04 Dec











Hiding the Elephant – Excerpt from Chapter 11

‘You concluded, Miss Cooke, that Miss Swan was in a bad mood because Mrs. Unsworth was planning to undertake a dangerous trip?’ interrupted Bill Warner, fully in control by now.  He’d probably forgotten Grant was there altogether.

‘Yes. Mrs. Unsworth said that her husband and Miss Swan tried to talk her out of it but that she knew her duty and that she could not live with herself if she did not do her duty. She laughed and said she would rather die a hero in pain then live like a coward in comfort. I thought it was very beautifully said, and it gave me shivers because of the way she died in that play.’

‘I saw that play as well,’ said a female voice behind Grant.  ‘Miss Swan gave me tickets several times. Only we do not always go. Not worth going out if there is something good on the telly.’

The young man decided to speak at last. He cleared his throat. ‘I thought it was someone stopping with her that was bothering her.’

‘What? A visitor?’ Bill Warner turned quickly to the speaker. ‘Sorry, sir, your name is…?’

The young man’s Adam’s apple lurched upwards amidst suppressed sniggers around him. He cleared his throat again. ‘Winston Wellington Boot.’

 Lock Up Your Daughters – Excerpt from Chapter 11

So, they went to the Lakes. Simon and Pippa in Pippa’s brand new BMW, bought on account of the new, financially already over-extended clinic.

‘If I’m not very much mistaken, Coniston will yield enough bookings to keep the clinic busy for a year or more,’ Pippa predicted. ‘I’ll turn it into my own little El Dorado.’

Simon muttered something appropriate in agreement. He’d only agreed to the holiday after a brief chat with DI Loveland from the Met. Loveland had rang on the off-chance that Wellingborough held some info about a prolific polygamist who’d spent a few years of his early youth in a children’s home there. Grant promised to have someone look into it.

‘My wife is dragging me off to Coniston for two weeks over Easter,’ he offered as an explanation in case he wasn’t able to get back to Loveland himself.

‘Keep your eyes and ears open. The German woman, Adele Nagel, had a train ticket to Kendal on her for the day after she was arrested. Said she was going for a spot of R&R, but wasn’t booked anywhere that we could discover. Must have had connections there.’

That had put a different complexion on the enforced holiday. The episode of the Secret Seven felt personal. It was them who’d stopped him from making up with Chloe before she died. Knowing that it wasn’t, that it was all him and him alone, made him even more determined.

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