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Hiding the Elephant – Chapter 10

‘I wouldn’t know. Frances Swan was a quiet, unassuming young woman. Pretty, well dressed but rather ordinary. It’s difficult to read the minds of ordinary people. Do you want a copy of this?’  Mr. Hartman walked over to a desktop copier.

Grant nodded. ‘The Agreement, Mr. Hartman? May I have a look.’

‘I’ve never been given the copy of that document. She promised to bring or mail it in, said it was going to be in a sealed envelope which was not to be opened unless strictly necessary. She even said she was going to put those instructions in writing, about not opening the envelope, I mean, so there’s no mistake…’

Grant interrupted. ‘By ‘strictly necessary’ she presumably meant in case no one takes care of the grave and the money has to be handed over to the Riverside?’

‘One would assume so,’ Hartman shrugged. ‘She hinted there was to be a schedule of payments and a specific condition under which would have to be met first.’

‘The conditions being…’

It was Hartman’s turn to interrupt. ‘No, not ‘conditions’. ‘One single condition. She was very clear about that.’ The solicitor bent forward as if he’d suddenly discovered something unexpected and mildly offensive on the top of his highly polished black shoes. ‘It might be an idea to check with Dominic Hale if he’s got a copy of the missing Agreement.’

Lock Up Your Daughters – Chapter 10

‘Don’t go,’ Emma whispered. ‘Stay.’ Her knees pressed into his hips.

They held each other in silence. The questions that had been welling up in him for months seemed unimportant. The resentments petty and churlish. She had been telling the truth all along. The simple, unembellished truth. She couldn’t have children. She’d come to terms with that. Philip was the one who’d been refusing to believe it.  Her phantom pregnancies were the pathetic product of Philip’s need. She’d been pretending for her husband’s sake. Going through the pain of the truth over and over again. Philip’s pain had become her pain.

It was so easy to understand when he was with her. Everything made sense when they were together. It was the distance and people, other people’s words and meanings that always caused confusion. Bitterness. Suspicion. Like why had she been sleeping with him whenever she could but was staying with Philip and not even wanted to talk about it?

‘Not now. Not yet,’ she’d say and he’d wait, wait for the next time, for the right time.

But, he worried. Even now, his skin on hers, her auburn curl tickling his nostril, her breath moist on his neck, he worried.

With his forehead he smoothed her hair away and kissed her temple. The two of them should be going to sleep like this regularly, coupled in soul and body, waking up to each other and another day together.

‘I love you,’ he said. ‘God, I love you so much.’

‘I love you too.’

‘You sure you’re not just after my body?’ Simon laughed to prove to himself he was only kidding.

‘I worship your body. I even love my own body when you’re inside it.’ Her hand ran down his back, pulling him closer to her.

‘You can have a lot more than that, my darling. All of me is yours. If you want me, that is. You do want me?’

She pressed his lips open with her own, making demanding little noises. Her mouth took possession of his tongue and tightened around it as her back curved in and her inside started squeezing him repeatedly in powerful, irresistible grips. All of him was hers in a single all-embracing, devouring kiss. There were no questions left when she started gyrating around him.

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