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Hiding the Elephant – Chapter 9

‘Of course I know her.’  Simon rapidly lost interest. ‘The lady of sallow face, greasy hair and hand knitted jumpers. What about her? Been expelled for chewing corners off book covers?’

‘Oh, don’t.’ Vanessa looked good when she cried. In the low, sherry coloured light of the White Horse, her ice blue eyes took over, turning the attention away from her somewhat too rounded cheeks.

‘All right, Nessie, I won’t. If you promise that you will, later.’ Simon winked in the direction of her crotch. After all, he was the only contender for her favours tonight, and her tear-softened face made him wish that later was a bit sooner.

Any story involving Nicola Finsbury was a non-starter. He remembered the girl’s short-bitten, not overly clean fingernails when she was handing him his books. Later she must have cleaned up and smartened up a little for Alex Carroll, the self-styled sex god of undiscerning taste, had nudged him in the ribs a couple of times with a wink in her direction. ‘Me thinks I detect a bit of a buried treasure there,’ Alex drooled, but Simon wasn’t taking much notice of anything drooled over by a man who was at the time going out with Angel Bennett, the daughter of old Bennett, Trusts and Commercial Contracts, and the absolute pits of womanhood.

But it all came out anyway. It had happened the night before, or maybe early this morning, no one was entirely certain just yet, there were no witnesses of course. She was found in the shrubbery just below the bridge in Nathan Grove that morning by a dog walker. Raped and strangled.

It didn’t sink in immediately.

Lock Up Your Daughters – Chapter 9

The woman made three phone calls to her grandchildren in Germany, went to the cinema twice, kept to the strict diet of raw vegetables, yoghurt and grilled fish, and once in the bar nearly knocked one of the Londoners out cold when he said something she didn’t like. He was nursing his jaw for a day or two afterwards.

They were booked in for a week and making noises of extending their stay. Or so the barman said. Grant asked Cunningham to look into the barman as well.

‘Never mind, my pet,’ said Chloe. ‘I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be waiting.’ She had the phone by her bedside. It was nothing, she said. She was just tired. People tired easily at her age. Chloe was in her nineties.

21st December was a Monday. Simon’s mobile rang just as he was considering packing it in for the day. He needed a shower, sleep, another shower, and a fresh set of clothes. In that order.

‘Is your phone never on?’ Emma complained. ‘Pippa’s been trying you for ages.’

‘What’s up?’

There was a few moments’ silence at the other end. ‘She’s got to stay in London. Problems with a patient. She’ll be back tomorrow night. Everything being well.’

‘Right,’ said Simon. ‘Thanks.’

Another silence.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked. Two technicians were pulling some cables around his feet along the floor of the surveillance van. Grant waved goodbye to anyone who was looking and stepped out.

‘Phil went to Peterborough this afternoon. Uncle Harold’s poorly. May have to stay over for a day or two.’

Grant unlocked his car and sat behind the wheel. ‘I need a shower. And some fresh clothes.’

‘There’s plenty of hot water here. And clothes are the one thing you most certainly won’t need.’

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