Daily Quotes 5

28 Nov











Hiding the Elephant – Chapter 5

‘You know,’ Simon averted his gaze from the conjugal kiss, ‘you’ve got something there. XY may be a code of some sort, an inside joke as the letter says or whatever, but those are actually initials. I can think of a number of last names starting with Y, but for the life of me I can’t think of a single first name starting with X. Can you?’

‘Xavier,’ suggested Phil dubiously. ‘Sounds like a comic strip character.’

‘Maybe it is,’ Emma said thoughtfully, her fingers playing with the hair at the back of Philip’s head again. ‘A nickname, possibly known only to the two of them. Like his real name might be Joe Bloggs but he reminds her of Xavier Yungenspiel, the hero of a Swiss comic strip.’

Lock Up Your Daughters – Chapter 5

Well, he had to agree with the Branton militants on that point at least. He was covering up for that bastard Tibb. Taking the flack. At the same time, Tibb, clean conscience and all, lectured at the police college three days a week at a higher salary and ten o’clock am start, no later than four pm finish, some evening and weekend work required at exam times. Tibb may not have been responsible for little Kylie’s death, but he was responsible for something. There was bad smell about, and it had Tibb’s DNA stamped all over it. If only Grant could put his finger on what it was.

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