Daily Quotes 4

27 Nov

Two Simon Grant Mysteries










Hiding the Elephant – Chapter 4

Dinner was late. There had been a fatal accident in Hallbrook main street, right by the shops. A boy of four was knocked over and the driver didn’t stop. By the time Simon arrived, Emma was kneeling on the wet pavement, her hair hanging down her face in heavy, rain-soaked strands, holding a small lifeless hand. Later, when all the formalities were over and she was hanging about even though there was nothing for her to do there, he followed her car home, home to the Willows. Somewhere in between her grief for the baby boy dead on the pavement and his own unreturned phone calls, among the clank of dinner plates he’d helped to set out before Philip came home, there was a germ of something foreign and careless, a seed that was never meant to grow, a beginning that had never started because there was never to be any after.

Lock Up Your Daughters – Chapter 4

The phone rang just as Grant had expected it to. The long, thin sound told him he was wanted on the internal line.

‘If you could possibly sign off the claim forms by the close of play today, Sir, we’ll have them paid out with the next cheque run. I know you’re busy. I apologise.’ Sergeant Malcolm who’d been moved to desk duties after nearly losing a leg in the line of duty didn’t sound apologetic.

Grant quickly pulled his hand away from the trolley and promised. ‘Before you rang, Malc, did you hear the small voice of the guardian angel of police officers’ expense accounts urge you to give me a prod?’

‘Aye, I did, Sir. Only it wasn’t an angel and the voice wasn’t small. Barbara Cunningham, all the five feet of her, and we’re talking her waist measurement here, Sir, Barbara was here only five minutes ago and said that a right shitty one’s turned up and that if we didn’t get you to sign the claims now we never will. Not for the next cheque run, anyroad.’

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