Daily Quotes 3

26 Nov

Two Simon Grant Mysteries










Hiding the Elephant – Chapter 3

In the name of restitution for his failings Grant’s nostrils flare out, grasping for smells, the stench of sweat, fetor of blood, the heat of life. He’s rewarded with nothing, not even what was there when he first arrived, when all his senses were fresh and searched for the signs of Emma. He forces himself into remembering the faint musk of dust and forgotten food, closed windows and trapped heat.

‘Is he here?’ he asks. ‘Or you’ve dumped him somewhere along the way?’

‘You and I have more important things to worry about,’ Dancer says indifferently. It’s not a threat, not malicious. If there’s any reality left in all this, Dancer is the one in control of it.

Lock Up Your Daughters – Chapter 3

The next four years old reel was ready for screening. In it Simon was wrapped in a maroon coloured bed sheet in Pippa’s dingy basement in Venice, the basement that smelled of other people’s cooking, echoed with other people’s noises, and with a view of a patch of waste-ground that Pippa called her lawn. That was all she could afford on her trainee wages.

‘I’m lucky they’re paying me at all,’ she’d said while she was driving him there from his hotel in a car that must have had a large number of careless previous owners. ‘And it costs money to have one’s lips augmented.’

‘Augmented?’ Simon was only just starting his collection ofCaliforniaspeak. To show it off to Emma later when he returned to Hallbrook. To amuse Emma. Make her laugh. Make her ask him to another dinner. ‘What are your lips augmented with?’

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