03 Apr

At first, things were not going very well. As soon as I was let out of the coat pocket I went looking for my Mother. There was no smell of her anywhere. That made me cry and I was crying so much that I became hungry.  I crawled up my new human’s leg to see if he had any milk for me. I sniffed and sniffed but there was no milk. My little nose was full of strange smells which made me sneeze a lot and I started crying again. Max was making some funny noises and stroking me behind my ears and all over my belly, so I forgot about crying for a while and was catching his fingers with my mouth. That must had given him the right idea because he poured some white liquid into a dish and offered it to me. I didn’t want to offend him but I wasn’t at all sure what was I meant to do with it. After making some more of those funny noises that humans seem to like so much, Max dipped his finger into the liquid and put it into my mouth. I licked it and discovered that while it was nowhere as nice as my mother’s milk it was still something that made my tummy feel better.

A few days later, Max brought some other stuff in a dish and was letting me lick it off his finger. Soft and much thicker than milk, it wasn’t bad and it filled my tummy faster.

I was still pining for my Mother, but whenever I felt really bad I would curl up on Max’ knees or run over to my own little dishes and remember the story my Mother told me about her very own bowl of food. I had that. I was hoping the rest was going to follow as well. My own collar to take Max out for walks and my own tag with my own name on it. All I needed then was to find that engaging personality. Mother never did tell me what it looked like or smelled like. I was afraid I wouldn’t know it if I saw it. That worried me a lot. There were other problems as well. Even now I don’t think it was all my fault. Now, I’ll have you know that my Mother was a born lady and a Permanent Pet. She was teaching me manners, she was. But Max didn’t appreciate any of that. We disagreed a few times quite strongly, and just when I thought he was getting the point, Max rubbed my nose into the cause of our arguments. From then on I did as Max said. Most of the time.


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